What it's like Living in Cambridge, MA | Pros and Cons of Living in Cambridge, MA

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Here’s what it’s actually like living in Cambridge Massachusetts. I am fortunate to both live and work in Cambridge, so here’s what I think are the pros and cons of living in Cambridge MA.

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I came to attend Harvard in the mid 1980’s, and I remember when I first arrived. The subway station in Harvard Square was just coming to completion. The big, underground station we know today.

I graduated from Harvard in 1990, and then I left Cambridge to live in other places, including Paris, France, New York City, Providence, Rhode Island, and additionally some time back home in the Detroit area in Michigan. I found my way back to Cambridge in ’97, and I started working as a realtor here in 1999.

In the fall of 1999, I began working as a full-time agent in a leading real estate office in Harvard Square. Several years later, I met with a prospective seller outside of Inman Square. She decided to hire me.

The night before I was to list her home for sale, I called her up.

“Heidi, it’s Charles Cherney. I don’t want to list your home.”

“Why not?” asked Heidi.

“Because I want to buy it!”

And sure enough, my wife and I did!

The house – a renovated worker’s cottage – remains our family home to this day. We raised our daughter here.

So it’s been 20 plus years now, that I’ve been back, and I really feel Cambridge is my home, and by extension, Somerville, where I also work. Which is located at the end of my street, outside of Inman Square.

It really is wonderful to have had such a long relationship with Cambridge, and by extension with Harvard. There are days when I walk through Harvard Yard and in this timeless place, I feel our flood tide of memories of being a student, living in the yard, and taking classes.

Cambridge is one of those timeless places where many things still feel the same.

Over the time I’ve lived here, I’ve really come to know it intimately. I think it makes me an even better real estate agent, as I can give my clients a deeper insight into the area. I hope you enjoy hearing the things I love about Cambridge as well as the potential cons of living here.

I love living here. I think for someone looking to move here, working with someone who knows the area, loves it, appreciates it, and has experienced it deeply — it’s an advantage.

I’m here for you. Take care. Charles.

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