Tour of Downtown Lexington | Kentucky | History | Subtitles | USA | 2018

August 2, 2021 Off By admin

In this video we are exploring the downtown core of Lexington Kentucky, USA. We start over by the university of Kentucky, and then move downtown. Here we see the streets, the people and the shops of the city.

This little walking tour of the city will give you a bit of history regarding the city, it’s slave selling past, and how it’s doing today

Here we walk around the Hotels in Lexington, KY, the shops and the general public. Downtown Lexington is very beautiful and clean, although it seemed like a lot of homeless people around.

Lexington KY is home to the University of Kentucky, the biggest university in the state! It’s amazing since this isn’t even the capital of Kentucky.

Enjoy the video of from the Bluegrass State!

This video is in English. If you are wanting subtitles, they are available in English, French and Spanish

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