Milton Keynes Walk: Town Centre【4K】

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Milton Keynes is one of the youngest towns in the UK, having been conceived in 1967 as part of the New Towns Act to help ease housing congestion in London. Milton Keynes is strategically located roughly equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Cambridge and Oxford, thus make it ideally situated as a commuter town.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Milton Keynes is its roads. Since it was designed from scratch, the town planners went for an American style grid system of roads, and indeed, boulevards! This is typically met with a mixed response among Brits. It does have the very apparent advantage of less waiting time for both cars and pedestrians since the latter can simply go underneath the roads via the many subways, which in turn are designed to be short and wide, so as to deter anyone from, let’s say, making a mess down there!

The town is divided up into different quadrants with specific purposes. Central Milton Keynes is essentially the shopping district. East of here is Campbell Park, a designated green space. To the north and south are residential districts, while further south are various venues including Stadium MK where the football team MK Dons play, and the National Bowl (formerly the Milton Keynes Bowl), an open-air concert venue where many famous bands and artists have performed including Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Queen.

The oldest aspect of Milton Keynes is its name, which is a reuse of the name of one of the historic villages in the area going back to the 11th century or earlier.

The walk starts in Campbell Park where we see the Light Pyramid sculpture, which as the name suggests, can be lit up at night, making it visible for miles. Heading west, we see the Milton Keynes Rose, filled with markings based on the mathematical beauty of a flower. We then enter Central Milton Keynes, the shopping district. For the most part we head down Midsummer Boulevard with a few twists and turns thrown in. Finally we end the video on Avebury Boulevard outside one of the strangest looking Sainsburys I’ve ever seen!


Filmed: 31st January 2021

Link to the walk on Google Maps: (with one or two minor discrepancies)

Filmed on a Sony FDR-AX700 with a Zhiyun Crane 2 and a Rode Videomicro.


0:00 Light Pyramid
0:08 Campbell Park
1:14 Milton Keynes Rose
1:58 Campbell Park
3:30 Midsummer Boulevard
4:44 Milton Keynes Theatre
4:57 Midsummer Boulevard
6:08 Savoy Crescent
7:23 Avebury Boulevard
7:43 Xscape Milton Keynes (shopping & entertainment centre)
8:05 Avebury Boulevard
8:43 Lower Twelfth Street
10:18 Midsummer Boulevard
14:37 The Point (entertainment complex)
14:47 Midsummer Boulevard
15:31 Intu Milton Keynes (shopping centre)
15:51 Midsummer Boulevard
19:01 Church of Christ The Cornerstone
19:21 Midsummer Boulevard
24:22 Holkham Walk
24:40 The Hub Milton Keynes (shopping centre)
25:17 Holkham Walk
25:57 Avebury Boulevard