Braintree, Essex【4K】| Town Centre Walk 2021

July 31, 2021 Off By admin

Join me for a walk around the delightful town centre of Braintree, located in the great county of Essex! With a history dating back thousands of years, from the Iron Age, Roman era, medieval period and modern day, there’s a lot to see in this unusually-named town.

As we walk around Braintree, we pass a number of interesting sights, including Braintree Town Hall, Market Place, The Swan Pub, The White Hart, Pig’s Head In The Pottage Pott Gant, George Yard Shopping Centre, High Street, Young Boy with Beavers and Sea Lions, St. Michael’s Church, Warner Textile Archive and Braintree Town Hall again.

Thank you so much to the following sites for their help in my research of Braintree:

0:00 Braintree Town Hall
0:43 Braintree Market Place
1:19 Great Square
2:53 Swan Side
2:59 The Swan Pub
3:23 Swan Side
3:55 The White Hart Inn
4:37 Swan Side
5:29 Pig’s Head In The Pottage Pott Gant
6:16 George Yard Shopping Centre
7:47 Sandpit Lane
8:30 High Street
9:19 Young Boy with Beavers and Sea Lions Statue
9:46 St. Michael’s Church
10:17 St. Michael’s Road
12:06 South Street
12:40 Warner Textile Archive
13:55 Warners Mill
14:06 South Street
14:50 Fairfield Road
16:28 Braintree Library
16:50 Braintree Town Hall
17:30 Thank you for watching!

Stats for nerds:

Distance walked: 0.9 miles/1.5km
Step count: 1800 steps (approx.)
Time taken: 17 mins 20 secs
Average speed: 3.1mph/5kmh