Streamlined Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Streamlined Kitchen Cabinet

Streamlined Kitchen Cabinet

A streamlined kitchen cabinet makeover is a great way to get a new look for your kitchen without the cost and hassle of actually replacing your cabinets. By using your existing cabinet faces and a few basic materials, you can achieve a total makeover that will look as if you had purchased brand new cabinets.

To get started, you will need some basic materials to work with. Handy items to have on hand for this project include:

* Kitchen cabinet door fronts with a flat surface
* Decorative molding, if desired
* Miter saw, drill and drill bits, and screw driver
* One gallon of primer and one gallon high gloss paint for decks and porches
* Wood glue, sheet plastic, marker, and painter’s tape
* Door pulls for cabinets, either old ones or new ones for a fresh look

To prepare you cabinet doors for this streamlined kitchen cabinet makeover, you will need to place an identifying number on them for easy reference when re-hanging the doors. Each cabinet and it’s respective door front should be labeled with the same number to avoid confusion when replacing cabinet fronts when the project is finished. Use the marker and painter’s tape for this.

Carefully remove cabinet doors fronts with drill or screwdriver and make sure to save and mark all existing hardware for each cabinet to make sure everything fits correctly upon replacement. After the cabinet fronts are removed, wipe them down to ensure the surfaces are ready to take a coat of primer. If there is any chipping or peeling paint, you may wish to sand the surfaces lightly. Next, find a well ventilated space, preferably outdoors, and cover any areas with plastic that you don’t want to be sprayed with paint.

Your next step in the streamlined kitchen cabinet makeover would be to use the miter saw to cut any decorative molding or designs you might wish to add, and pre-drill any holes that may be required if adding new or additional hardware. If adding molding, allow time for glue and caulk used in application to dry.

After proper drying has occurred, you may now prime your surface using the HVLP sprayer. Allow primer to dry thoroughly, waiting at least one hour before proceeding with paint. Next, proceed with spraying on the porch and deck paint with the HVLP sprayer. Let dry for several hours and apply a second coat if needed or desired.

Once the finish had sufficient time to dry, replace existing door pulls or add new ones. Now, you may wish to apply primer and paint using a brush to the areas left uncovered by the door facings. Make certain to have adequate ventilation when doing so. These would be the sides of the existing cabinets that cannot be removed for spraying outside. Allow adequate time for each coat or primer and paint to dry. Then using the existing hardware, replace the fronts of the cabinets using your previously marked numbers for guidance as to which cabinet door goes where.

By saving your old kitchen cabinets, you have not only saved money by recycling them, you have added a beautiful new look to your home. Now you can have the high end looking cabinets you’ve dreamed of at a fraction of the cost. The streamlined kitchen cabinet makeover makes a great do it yourself project that will make your kitchen look like new.

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