Memory foam and other types of mattresses

types of mattressesOne of the most crucial things in living beings is sleep. And since the kind of mattress that you use affects sleep, it is necessary to make correct decisions through the mattress purchasing process that will ensure you pick the right one. Memory foam is one type of mattress that is covered with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic substance. But it can also be expensive and it has some other characteristics which make it different from other types of mattresses available in the market.


Memory foam mattress and other mattresses

There are some major points that can easily compare memory foam vs other mattress types. They are:-

  • The memory foam mattress becomes softer with the increment of the temperature because it uses temperature sensitive material for construction.
  • Memory foam mattress provides ease from allergies because it contains polyurethane foam that includes inorganic fibers. It cannot be seen in other mattresses.
  • Memory foam pillows allocate comfort to the patients from the sleep apnea problem by giving absolute eminence in the time of sleeping. This facility is not provided by other mattresses.


General characteristics required for selection of good mattresses

These are some ideas that can help select a good mattress –

  • If extra support is required then a firm mattress becomes an ideal selection.
  • If certain medical situation like arthritis arises then a soft mattress is helpful.
  • A medium mattress is useful among the other two firmness levels.
  • One should never purchase a second-hand mattress.

It is very difficult to foretell which is going to be the proper selection for a person. The best way is to go to a vendor and check the availability of various mattresses to see which is suitable for that person.

The size of the mattress is one of the most important qualities that should be rationalized in case of selection process. These are some of the sizes provided:-

  • Standard Twin or single mattress (39 x75 inches) and XL Twin or single mattress (38 x 76 inches).
  • Standard Full or Double mattress (54 x75 inches) and XL Full or Double mattress (53 x 80 inches).
  • King mattress (76 x 79 inches).
  • California king mattress (72 x 84 inches).
  • Queen mattress (66 x 80 inches) is not generally used in the UK.

Variations of mattress

  • Memory foam -> It has notable foam. It acts to the temperature of the room. Due to this reason, the mattress can initially feel hard and cold in the cool temperature. It commonly moderates the mattress once, modifying to the body temperature.
  • Innerspring -> It is a solution of robust mattress. It provides great support.
  • Pillow Top -> It is exceptional for additional support and easy for the head.
  • Air -> It is generally planned for short term usage.
  • Waterbed -> It is filled with water. It is not used with regard to rigidity.
  • Hybrid -> It is the combination of two or more than two mattresses.
  • Latex -> It is a substitute for memory foam mattress.

Besides these types, there are some other types of mattresses. They are gel mattress, adjustable mattress and adjustable foundations.

So, it is advisable to purchase a proper mattress that provides total comfort and gifts a very good night.

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